On Saturday March 5, 2022, the Band, Fleetwood Max performed a tribute to the 1970’s  pop group “Fleetwood Mac”.  In this writers opinion, this was the best concert, in Ancient Oaks, in my 9 years here.  Fleetwood Max had the audience stomping their feet, clapping there hands, dancing and singing along, too many of our favorite songs that we loved years ago.  If you missed this concert and your a Fleetwood Mac fan, you goofed!

The gal that performed the Stevie Nicks part was fabulous.  She sounded and acted exactly like the original Stevie Nicks. Below are a few pictures from this performance.



As you can tell by the attached photos, there are many talented people in our park.  Sewing, painting, furniture making, jewelry making, etc. were on display.  Some were available to purchase and others were simply for viewing.

The event this year was greatly attended and was also used as a fund raiser for the Social Activities Committee.  A bake sale was used to raise additional funds for future park enhancements.  Thanks to the many that volunteered there time and baking skills to donate bake goods.


Watching this performance was a real treat.  What a great performance by Jeff Gordon.  Jeff having spent 18 years performing in Branson, Mo. brought a truly professional act to Ancient Oaks.  Jeff performed tributes to Garth Brooks, George Straight, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, etc. for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  The crowd was whistling, yelling and dancing to songs and artists from past decades.

Below are a few pictures from this event:

US Bee Gee’s Tribute Band


The Sky Family direct from Prince Edward Island, Canada featured Celtic music and humor along with a Gospel Revival performance for us on January 29.

Below are a few pictures from that performance:

2022 Ladies Style Show

Monday February 21st, the annual Ladies Style Show was held in the Clubhouse.  There was over 200 in attendance to view and shop for jewelry, tops, pants, purses, dresses and other clothing accessories. Several outfits were modeled by some of our very own ladies. (See pictures below).  A light lunch was served which included a delicious Ham and Cheese on croissant, with potato chips and cookie.

Thanks goes to Deb Delcamp for Championing this event and her great support staff.