January  2021


The annual Board of Directors election and counting of the ballots will take place in the Clubhouse on Wednesday January 13th, at 10:00am.  The board meeting, along with the results of the election will then take place at 1:00pm.


Greetings to all those that have come to warm sunny Florida since the last edition of the Acorn.  Remember to maintain physical distancing from everyone for 10 days, do not use the pool or engage in group activities during that time.  Walking, riding bikes, to stay healthy is highly encouraged.  Also, Kathy asked me to remind everyone, including returning renters to check in at the Office.  We need to know who is in the park for many reasons.  The Office at this point will not be open on Saturdays, my phone number is on the door as well as the Board President’s Cheryle Ferrell if you need us.

COVID-19 for Florida is running about 6,000 new cases a day, testing positivity rate of around 11%, and thankfully the death rate from COVID has fallen dramatically to 2 or 3 a day for the State.  So, keep washing those hands, social distance when you can, and when you can’t socially distance, please wear a mask.

Please come to a stop at the Entrance Gate, we don’t want anyone hit by a closing gate.  The main exit gate needs a new gear drive, and the supply chain has been interrupted by the C-19.  Please do not enter by the exit gate during this time it is down.

Another reminder: SLOW DOWN.  Speed limit in the Park is 15mph.

Those so-called flushable wipes are not.  They are clogging up the system, please dispose in the trash.  And speaking of that today (12/29) we had to pull up the Lift Station pump to pull out a T-Shirt that caused it to come to a dead stop.  I wish I did not have to remind everyone what items are allowed to be flushed.  #1 and #2 and TP only.   Looking forward to a great, safe season for everyone. ——-LW Smith II——PARK MANAGER




Scheduled for February 14th has been CANCELLED.


The carport sales will return.  The first carport sale will take place on Saturday January 16th, from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.  If you have any questions, contact Lydia Wasson who is now in charge of the carport sales.  Remember 6 feet for social distancing and MASKS.


Scheduled for Saturday January 16th has been CANCELLED.


Beginning Friday, January 8th, the Needles, and Thread group will be meeting on the second and fourth Friday at 11 am.  We will be meeting outside (weather permitting), behind the pool hall building where there is a roof and offers both shade and sun.  Attendees are asked to bring their own lawn chair and wear a mask, honoring social distancing.  Our format will be different than previous years, no sewing machines, no organized weekly projects, but we will share ideas.  If you have hand work sewing/knitting or crochet, we encourage you to bring it along. We welcome “show and tell” projects both finished and in process.  Have a favorite sewing tool, bring it along and tell us why you like it. We will have some short demos on different techniques at each gathering, at our outside venue.  We are all anxious to start a new year and a new beginning and getting together again.  We will start with “baby steps”, let’s see where this takes us, while staying safe.                          Karen Williams 217-691-0504.


Scheduled for Saturday February 13th has been CANCELLED. 


On Sunday January 10th, we will meet in the Clubhouse at 4:00pm.  Bring your voices and an instrument if you play one.  Masks should be worn, and social distancing will be observed.


This year again Oak Leaf Golf course would love to have the Ancient Oaks ladies golf league to play as they reserved the tee off time for MONDAYS at 12:30 p.m. This year my dear friend Dixie Trinkle (6458 SE 56th AVENUE) will take over the lady’s league, so she will let you know how and when she will proceed after the Holidays. Meanwhile gather your ladies golf partners to get ready for a new season, as for everyone the past 10 months has not been easy, so get out there and enjoy your golf games, have fun for the ones (mostly Canadians) that have to stay home not being able to cross the US/Canada border, we will sure miss you ladies! Have fun! I will remain available if I can help in anyway even from distance.  Thank you, Dixie, have fun, stay safe, stay healthy. —– Ginette Charlebois.


The bloodmobile will be in our park on Thur., Jan. 28th from 10:00a.m. till 3:30p.m.


Christmas Eve Luminaries    I would like to thank all those who participated in the placing and lighting of the luminaries on Christmas Eve.   Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and peace and good health in the New Year!

Golf Cart Parade: Thank you to all of you that participated in the golf cart parade                                        

From all of Employees We want to Thank everyone who donated for our Christmas Gifts.  We are very appreciative of your kindness.  We wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. —Thanks, from the A/O Staff.


The social committee would like to remind everyone that if the 6 ft rule for social distancing can’t be observed for any reason, a mask should be worn —— S.A.C. Committee