The Acorn

August 2022

Park News

Pool Looking Pretty

Around the pool we have installed solar lanterns and some artificial hanging planters. It really helps beautify the pool area.

These items were purchased by some money left over from the Park Enhancement Group, which has been incorporated with the Social Activities Committee.

Pool Damaged and Getting a Facelift

At the south end of the pool something heavy has chipped the edge of the ledge. We are determining the cost and timing to get this repaired.

Sometime in the upcoming months we will be closing the pool area in order to get it resurfaced. The dates will be announced in advance of the closure.

Lunch at the Park

The lunches we’ve had at the park every two weeks have gone very well. Between 30 to 50 people have been attending the lunches. There will be no lunches in August. We plan to start them again in September.

Thank you to the lunch coordinators: Danice Watts, DeeDee Mattingly, Donna Strode, Paula Wilcox, and Terri Black.

We Need You !

There are a couple areas where we could use some help in the upcoming months. Get involved in the volunteer opportunities below by calling or texting 330-844-9008 or sending an email to

Labor Day Party

Thanks to Lisa Taylor for agreeing to coordinate the Labor Day Block Party. We need 3-4 people to help.


Lunch has been successful and easy for the coordinators because you are responsible for only one lunch every 6-8 weeks. You determine what you will serve, the Social Activities Committee pays the expenses, and people will volunteer to help if you ask for assistance. We could use one or two additional lunch coordinators to help in the upcoming months.

Now for our Feature Presentation 

This year the Social Activities Committee purchased a projector and screens for showing videos. We have used it a couple of times in the clubhouse with great success.

We are thinking about “Dive-Ins” in the pool or “Drive-Ins” in the clubhouse parking lot. Let us know if you are interested in helping.

Give the Vampires Your Blood

In June, OneBlood was very pleased with the six units of blood they received. They would have collected more, but some of the volunteers were low in iron or gave too recently.

They will be back at the Park on Thursday, August 25 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Clubhouse parking lot. You are encouraged to sign-up in advance for an appointment.

Informational posters will be posted in advance or contact Jol Creech if you have questions.

Toads, Lizards and other Critters

Recently, residents were surprised by strong flashlights sweeping the roadways. A group was out collecting the invasive cane toads that can be seen near lighted areas.

We now also have cages to catch the invasive lizards that are causing issues and increasing in population at the park.

Residents are reminded that they should NOT be feeding any of the birds or animals at the park. Not only can it encourage the critters to become aggressive, food can cause issues with rodents.

In Memoriam

We are always saddened to learn of the passing of our fellow Ancient Oaks residents. While we may not know them personally, please pass on the information to us so we may pay tribute to them in the Acorn. Send details to

Ray Mercer                           B: July 14, 1934                               D: July 5, 2022

Allen White                            B: April 21, 2001                              D: July 10, 2022

(Allen was the twin brother of Adam who works at the Park)

Upcoming Events

No Meeting

There will be NO Social Activities Meeting in August, but there will be one in September as events are starting to ramp up this fall.

Mon September 5 – Labor Day

We need some help organizing a Block Party at the Clubhouse to celebrate Labor Day. See above about volunteering to help.

Sales Start Early

By the Dog Park we will be holding Community Yard Sales from 8 am – 12 pm on:

Sat September 24

Sat October 29

Sat November 26

Sat December 24

The popular Carport Sales are planned to start in November.

From the Managers Desk:

In our ongoing effort to keep the park current and attractive, we have just about completely changed all our lights to LED. The Fish House and Bath Houses have been completed. The Changeover makes a great improvement on the looks of the buildings and energy savings. The Amber lights that were on the building had fluorescent bulbs in them that are no longer available. We, well Chris does the work, are going to be adding lights above the showers, I’ve always felt the showers were very dark and this will make them much more inviting.

Summer is the time when we are able to work on various projects along with keeping up with the grass mowing. Cleaning and repairing the Sewer Tanks to keep them in the best shape possible.

Water Plant Maintenance while the demand is lower goes on also.

We have also been in the process of replacing old faded signs in the Park, and on the buildings.

I hope that everyone is having a good summer, reconnecting with family and creating memories. We will keep the lights on for ya.

Live long and prosper,