The Acorn

May 2022

Breaking News

Newsletter During Summer

With over 200 full-time residents and with the Social Activities Committee planning a number of events over the upcoming months we will be putting out a newsletter all year.

If you have anything to include in upcoming issues please send by the 15th of the month to

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”

  • Dalai Lama

Hurricane Season Approaches

June to November is hurricane season and Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 1-7, 2022. It is predicted that the upcoming season will be active with 19 named storms, nine will develop into hurricanes and four of those will be major. With September being the month most likely to have landfall in Florida.

Take the threat seriously.

  1. Prepare an evacuation plan.
  2. Have a go-kit ready.
  3. Have a checklist of what to do. The U.S. government has resources available at

In Memoriam

We are always saddened to learn of the passing of our fellow Ancient Oaks residents. While we may not know them personally, please pass on the information to us so we may pay tribute to them in the Acorn. Send details to

Robert Christensen                                          D: Apr 9, 2022

Leta Hale                     B: May 7, 1938             D: Apr 6, 2022

Alice Steiner                B: Feb 28, 1936           D: Apr 7, 2022


We Have Wonderful Staff

The doorbell rings just before 11 pm and Chris is at the door telling you that a 3” waterline has broken at the back of your home and is leaking 100 gallons a minute. Over the next two hours, the staff worked to get the leak stopped and water returned to the Park.

It was wonderful that recently Norma Eberts, Ken Eberts, and Joyce Weaver provided all our staff with a breakfast to thank them for all their dedication and hard work.

Cover of the Rolling Stones

An article on the Ancient Oaks Veterans Honor Day was recently printed in the Okeechobee News.

Some Historical Information

Moo Cochran provided the following information about the Park.

Of the 118 people pictured in the Pictorial Directory 30 years ago 16 still live here or are owners:

Phylis Hollatt                         Christine Jones

Joyce Mong                          Laura Watson

Full time:

Irene Barefoot                       Jim and Cindy Bright

Moo Cochran                        Dick Coffman

Lou Dadonna                        Ben and Susie Hilton

Ruth McManus

Upcoming Events

Cinco de Mayo

Taco and Movie Night Party

Thursday, May 5


4:00 pm for Tacos


6:00 pm for Movie

Come for food, fun, and fellowship at this Social Activities Committee event. At the Taco Bar with all the fixings you can get three tacos or a Taco Salad for just $10.

We will be selling daiquiri and margarita mix for $3. We will supply the ice and blender for the Do It Yourself beverage, but you will need to supply your own alcohol (e.g. rum or tequila) or non-alcoholic (e.g. lemon-lime soda).

Starting at 6 pm we will be showing the movie “The Three Amigos”, starring Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short. We will be using the projector and screen purchased by SAC. We will supply free popcorn and you supply your own comfy chair or use one from the clubhouse.

Social Activities Committee Meetings

With so many activities planned during the summer and fall the Social Activities Committee will continue to have meetings every month on the third Tuesday at 12 noon in the Clubhouse. The next meeting is Tue May 17 at 12 pm.

Got Cheese? Got Ham?

What’s better than Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders? Nothing!

Thurs May 19 from 11:15 am – 12:45 pm come enjoy hot ham and cheese sliders at the clubhouse. For $6 you will get two sliders, chips, pickle and dessert. Yes you read that right we are adding a dessert to the Social Activities Committee lunches.

So we can plan accordingly. We will have a sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse.

Ladies Lunch – NEW DATE !

This month the Ladies Lunch will be on a NEW DATEWed May 25 at 11:30 am at the Mikata Buffet, 3201 NW Federal Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL

Remember to sign-up at the Clubhouse if you plan to attend.

Mother’s Day Invitation

The KOA Campgrounds, 4276 US-441, Okeechobee, has kindly opened up their Mother’s Day Dinner and Dance to those at Ancient Oaks.

Tickets will sell out, so get your tickets early. You need to sign-up and pay in advance.

For more details contact the KOA Office at 863-763-0231.

Daily Activities Schedule

Many daily activities happen all year. If you coordinate a daily activity please contact us at 330-844-9008 or to confirm your date, time, and location.


8:30  9:30  10:30 am    Pool                             Water Exercises

8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

9:40 am                       Main Hall                      Aerobics


8:30  9:30  10:30 am    Pool                             Water Exercises

8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

9:30 am                       Shuffleboard Court       Mixed Shuffleboard


8:30  9:30  10:30 am    Pool                             Water Exercises

8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

9:40 am                       Main Hall                      Aerobics

6:30 pm                       Main Hall                      Nickel Cards


8:30  9:30  10:30 am    Pool                             Water Exercises

8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

9:30 am                       Shuffleboard Court       Mixed Shuffleboard

6:00 pm                       Library                Dominoes


8:30  9:30  10:30 am    Pool                             Water Exercises

8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

6:00 pm                       Main Hall                      Bingo

                                                                        (Paper Sales end at 5:45 pm)


8:30 am                       Pickleball Court            Pickleball

From the Library

By Pat Talma

Even though I’m back home I keep in touch with my two library volunteers.  There are now two ladies who live in the park full time who are keeping the library wheels greased while I’m gone. I’ll be back in November and will stay for five months. The two ladies helping are Alice Lassen and Donna Farrell.

Some of you may have noticed that the top shelf is now in use for books. The reason for that is that we were getting in so many new books that we had run out of room on the newer and old shelves. We tried to keep the books off the top shelf because we thought they might be easier to see, but we had no choice but to use the top shelves because of lack of space. We also have taken the time to go through the puzzles and make sure the picture shows so they are easier for you to choose.

We library volunteers try very hard to keep the books in alphabetical order by author and by title — just as would be done in a town library. There are still some folks who think they are helping by reshelving the books. That is not the case when James Patterson books are shelved under the letter “C”.  PLEASE, WHEN YOU RETURN BOOKS OR PUZZLES OR DVD’S, JUST PLACE THEM ON THE CART PROVIDED AND THE VOLUNTEERS WILL PUT THEM WHERE THEY BELONG. In addition to that, we are also trying very hard to look at each item returned and make sure we mark it so we can tell when it’s been taken out and when it’s been returned. This marking lets us know which books are popular and lets us use the limited shelf space we have to the very best. Also, please do not bring in books whose spines are broken or pages falling out or may have been chewed on by critters or gotten wet. If you wouldn’t have it in your house, we really don’t want it in the Ancient Oaks library.

I’d like to thank all the folks who have given us compliments on how the library looks and how it’s organized. The three of us really appreciate the kudos. We’d also love to hear any constructive criticism you might want to pass along so we can continue to make the library a place that everyone will enjoy.

Marina Committee

On March 28, Sonya Dotson and Larry Pokorny met at the Clubhouse to discuss changes to the Ancient Oaks Marina. The following are notes from that meeting.

This informational meeting was held in order to obtain input from the attendees on the proposed marina layout & to seek additional committee members. Based on the new rendition, the following items were suggested:

  1. (2) “No Wake Zone” signs
  2. (4) Ladders for emergency accessibility to dock
  3. (3) Electrical boxes
  4. Water line for washing off bird feces
  5. (1 or 2) Ramps for existing docks (behind bathhouse & fish house)
  6. Bumpers for Poles.
  7. (6) Slip spaces with (3) catwalks in order to accommodate smaller boats. Catwalks not to exceed 10 ft. long by 36” wide
  8. Stability of docks. Floats, poles /piping, handrail
  9. Boater Safety Classes in conjunction with proper undocking / docking techniques.

Next on the Agenda was the Fish House. The following items were suggested:

  1. Posts replacement using either pressure treated wood or PVC. Presently the posts exhibit decay/rotting at the bottom
  2. Lowering of countertops to standard kitchen height & potentially flipping countertops to exhibit underlying new surface.
  3. Purchase (SAC) or repaint existing chest freezer
  4. Repair existing fan or install center ceiling fan.

Committee members are: Bob Aseere, Harold Dotson, Sonya Dotson, Dennis Linious, Gene Marciano, Larry Pokorny, and Dan Woods.

Before we can proceed any further we need to contact L.W. Smith, Park Manager, South Florida Water Management Dept. and Okeechobee County for their input. Once we receive this information we will then schedule our next meeting.

Park Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

This is a new feature suggested by residents of the Park.

Handyman Directory

From time to time we all need someone to help us with plumbing, electrical, woodworking, etc. It was suggested that we keep a directory of handymen that have been used and approved of by a fellow park resident.

Please forward the Workman’s name, contact information, the service provided, and your name and phone number as a reference to We welcome any suggestions on how the list should be maintained and made easily available.

Dryer Sheets can be an Issue

It was requested by a fellow resident to remember to remove your dryer sheets from the dryer. Some people are very allergic to the softener and scent in the sheets. The dryer sheets are excellent for removing the lint after you finish drying.

From the Board of Directors

Welcome to May! “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” – C. S. Lewis.

The activities will continue. So much to look forward to. Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo celebration, and Memorial Day. On Memorial Day please remember to take a moment to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Your Social Activities Committee will be continuing to bring us good things throughout the summer.

Coming soon!! Ever wonder what to do with your old, tattered, torn or just plain worn out American flags? Are you aware that there is a U.S. Flag Code that states the following; “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning”. Well worry no longer. A receptacle is being worked on to be placed in the Clubhouse for you to deposit your old American Flags for that dignified disposal. The local VFW has agreed to help.

Looks like the trees are all trimmed and higher items repaired as a result of having the lift truck. Kudos to the Maintenance Team for their rather quick attention to this yearly task.Please remember, our “one” person cleaning staff can only clean/sanitize so much in one day, please be kind and considerate to her.  Use the public restrooms at your own risk.

Enjoy your summer!

Thank you, your Board of Directors.



  1. PETS. Pets shall be allowed to be kept on the premises, except that a unit owner or lessee may have two (2) dogs or cats (Please see the additional limitations below regarding certain specific breeds.)
    1. All pets must be registered with the CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION and must comply with County Regulations. All dogs and cats must be collared and currently licensed. Dogs and cats shall not be allowed outside of the R.V. except when the animal is on a leash and is accompanied by the owner of such an animal. No dog or cats shall be tied or fastened by its leash to a stake, car, R.V. or to any other object outside the R.V. Pets are not allowed in recreational areas. Pets are permitted to be walked in the Condominium Complex from the residence to and from the dog walk/park areas as long as they remain on the pavement or within two (2) feet of the pavement edge. Pet owners are required to use the designated walk/park areas for pets to relieve themselves. Dog houses, kennels or commercial breeding of animals shall not be permitted
    2. Any “mess” made by the pet must be cleaned up by the pet owner. Fines may be imposed for violations of this Rule. All pets shall be kept in such a manner as to comply with all governmental regulations and ordinances regarding same and any pet that in the opinion of the CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION becomes a nuisance to others must be removed from the CONDOMINIUM property within five (5) days’ notice of same.
    3. Limitation Regarding Specific Dogs.
      1. The owner of any dog on this specific animal liability exclusion is required to acquire $250,000.00 liability insurance as a condition of the dog being in the Ancient Oaks community.
      2. A copy of said policy must be provided to the Association.
  • Animal Control should be called to remove any such animal which is not insured.
  1. The specific animals are:
    1. Akita
    2. Chow (Chow Chow)
    3. Doberman Pinscher
    4. Great Dane
    5. German Shepherd
    6. Husky (Siberian Husky, Husky Type)
    7. Keeshond
    8. Malamute (Alaskan Malamute)
    9. Pit Bull (American Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog)
    10. Rottweiler
    11. Staffordshire Terrier (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American

                                    Staffordshire Terrier)

  1. Wolf or Wolf Breed

From the Managers Desk

Every Friday at 10 am L.W. Smith, Park Manager, has a live Question & Answer Session on Facebook that is posted to YouTube.

You can watch the Facebook session by going to: “Ancient Oaks R.V. Resort Condominium” or on YouTube by going to: “Ancient Oaks Condominium Association

Here it is May already, almost all of our seasonal residents have headed for parts North. I trust that everyone had a good time while here. So far it is looking like almost everyone did a good job of preparing their place to handle any weather that may come our way. And as a reminder, Hurricane Season is from the first of June to the end of November.

We removed the Cardboard and Plastic Recycling bin. If you wish to recycle those items, the county has a collection area at 306 North West 9th Avenue. The cost of removing items from the bin that did not belong in it, boxes not being flattened, and piled up around the bin necessitated us to remove it. Only put Paper into the PAPER ONLY BIN, no cardboard or plastic period!

As our infrastructure here ages, things need replacing or refurbished.  The Electric Pedestals are one major item.  We have budgeted a significant amount towards that end. As we identify which ones to replace, through a visual inspection, or reports from the resident, they are put in a queue to be replaced. Unfortunately, supply line issues are severely limiting the availability of the pedestals at the moment. At the first hint of a problem call Florida Power and Light (FPL) and they are very good at coming out quickly and checking your Electric. They will tell us if we need to replace the pedestal.  Recently we had two pedestals that failed and FPL was not able to provide a bypass, as far as I know this is the first time that has happened. So to prepare for that this week we purchased a generator to be used to provide emergency power to cover that situation so that no one will be completely without electricity.

Also as a reminder, the water supply stanchion for your lot is the parks responsibility, if you have a leak, or something needs repaired on it, contact the office and we will take care of it. We ask that you do not try to do it yourself, especially during non-working hours. If something happens and we have water shooting into the sky, it will not be quickly fixed if no workers are in the Park.

Remember to check your vehicles and/or boats in the storage area often, or have someone else do it for you.  The surveillance system only holds a certain amount of data and if we wait too long the recordings will be overwritten and gone. And there are only two cameras covering it.

Please obey all the traffic rules in the Park, the speed limit at all times is 15 miles per hour, the Stop Signs need to be obeyed. Especially at the Entrance!  One Way means One Way!

Please do not litter, that includes cigarette butts. Always pick up after your dog, and do not let your cats run loose in the park, for they will get trapped by Animal Control.

Many thanks to everyone who goes the extra mile to help make this Park a great place to live and visit!

LW Smith II, Park Manager, CAM #54173

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