Managers Report for the Month of May

LW Smith II

Monday May 3rd.  The Crew finished the annual Palm tree trimming today.

Tuesday May 4th.  Phone lines acting up again in the Office.

Wednesday May 5th.   Catching up on the mowing.

Thursday May 6th.  Francisco started his vacation.

Friday May 7th.  Century Link says they got the Phone lines fixed this time.

Wednesday May 12th. New Heater for the Pool delivered.

Thursday May 13th.  Solitude Air Boat came in to spray the Canal.  Arranged to sell the Gator with the seized up engine for $400.

Friday May 14th.  Several more pedestals look like they will need to be replaced.

Wednesday May 19th.  We have a 3 inch waterline that is cracked.  Have to get some more parts, and we will fix on Thursday morning.

Thursday May 20th.   Repaired the water leak in the morning. CSC Service Works installed 2 new High Capacity Washers at the Clubhouse.

Friday May 21st.  With the lack of rain we have been able to use the time to really move ahead on some beautification projects, and also repairs and fixes to the park infrastructure.

Tuesday May 25th.  We rented a stump grinder and ground down the stumps from the Palms that were removed because they had grown too tall.  I have approved more planting requests of new trees, than we removed.

Wednesday May 26th.

Thursday May 27th.  New “Video Surveillance” sign put up at entrance.

Friday May 28th.  Zoom Meeting with Accounting firm regarding the draft of the Audit.  The Park is getting pretty empty, most everyone that is going to head back north has.

 April 12th  to the 30th

LW Smith II, Managers Report.

April 12th to the 14th at home recuperating from Surgery.  Took calls.  Crew started tree trimming.

Thursday April 15th, returned to work for a half day.  Caught up on Paperwork.

Friday April 16th.  Worked for ½ day again.  Coordinated gate repair.  I came in on Saturday while the gate was being fixed.

Monday April 19th.  Pedestal on 7-3 needs repaired. Still on half days.

Tuesday April 20th.  One of the tree trimming chainsaws self-destructed.  Had to find a replacement, found out that chainsaws are in short supply now.

Wednesday April 21st.  Site Modifications.

Thursday April 22nd.  More Site Modifications.  Electric pedestal repairs scheduled. The belts on one of the sewer tank blowers had to be replaced this morning.

Friday April 23rd.  No major items.

Monday April 26th.  Tree trimming is moving along, will need to start mowing on Tuesday.  Investigated electrical problem on 29-09.  Phone line for 763-0991 was not working in the morning.

Tuesday April 27th.  One of the Water Heaters for the pool has water in the combustion chamber.  Will need to replace it.  Francisco started trimming palms on block 5 this morning, has blocks 4,3,2, and 1 to go.  Having a few minor water repairs here and there.  Will prepare a list and hit them all at once, those that we have to shut the system off for.  Called Waste Management to change from every week to bi-weekly emptying of the Compactor and open Dumpster starting in May.

Wednesday April 28th.  I had to use my truck and trailer to get salt, that was to allow the tree trimming to go without interruption.  More Site Modifications to take care of .

Thursday April 29th.  Francisco closing in on finishing the annual palm tree trimming.  Received information that 12-22 needs the Electrical Breakers inspected by an electrician.  Getting quotes on a vehicle to replace the Gator that has thrown a rod.

Friday April 30th.  Contacted Waste Management to change the Trash and Recycle pickup to bi-weekly starting in May.  It will be even more important for trash to go into the compactor that otherwise takes up too much room in the open dumpster.  Electrician temporarily fixed 12-22, pedestal will need to be replaced.