Managers Report, LW Smith II    August 2nd to August 30th

Monday August 2nd.  I emailed the John Deere dealer to inform them the Board approved the purchase of the 3025E Tractor.  I had gotten 3 bids.  Kubota, New Holland were the other 2, prices were very close.  Advantage to JD because we would be able to use old bucket for hauling chlorine to the pool, and a local dealer.  Preparing several spots in the roadway to replace broken concrete.  Will incorporate those repairs with a new pad for the new bike rack that the Social Committee purchased for the Clubhouse.

Tuesday August 3rd.  John Deere dealer said the new tractor would be here by the end of the month.  Rust removal and painting is ongoing with the Sewer Tanks.  Looking into “Hopin”, a webinar meeting company to see if they would work better than Zoom for the Association meetings.  With the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions we need to prepare to have virtual/in-person  Association Meetings.

Wednesday August 4th.  We had another contractor come to look at the stall dividers for the Ladies Restroom in the Clubhouse.

Thursday August 5th.  Ashley from Dirty Deeds Cleaning Services came to look and give us a bid on strip cleaning the clubhouse floors and apply 3 coats of High Gloss Finish.  Their quote of $1,650 is only $50 dollars more than what it cost us to have done in 2018.  I will get with the Social Committee to see if we proceed.

Friday August 6th.  The new Generator was delivered to the Maintenance area.  It will be hooked up and running soon.

6th to the 10th Vacation days for me and Kathy.

Friday August 13th. Attended Webinar on Legislative changes for 2021.

Monday August 16th.  Busy with meeting new residents and moving projects along.

Tuesday August 17th.  Received delivery on our new JD 3025E Tractor.  We traded in the JD790 to get the best deal.

Wednesday August 18th.  Returning many phone calls today, and messages and letters to residents.  Worked on appearance violation letters.  The next two days I will be in Leesburg attending an Education Seminar for my CAM License Continuing Education Units.  Chris and the crew have been working hard at cleaning up the Shop area.  They have gotten it looking a lot better.

Monday August 23rd. Once again catching up on paperwork and phone calls.  A leak was discovered in a copper pipe that goes underneath the Clubhouse.  Chris installed a new light outside the Main Door of the Clubhouse.  It will light up the area better.  Tomorrow Dirty Deeds Cleaning will be here to work on the Clubhouse floors.

Thursday August 26th.  Clubhouse floor looks good.

Monday August 30th.  Received pallet forks for the John Deere Tractor.  Ferreria started working on the back drainage ditch.  Water break at 4:05 pm, fixed quickly