November 1, 2021

Joanne Butler, who is a Social Activities Committee member, is currently making updates to the Daily Social Activity Schedule.  She has asked,  if you need a day and time reserved for social activities please turn your request into her ASAP.

Managers’ Report, LW Smith II    October 1st to October 31st

10/1  Still no response from Waste Management on the Compactor.

10/2  Exit gate fixed.  A pin had sheared.  10/3 Entrance Gate sheared a bolt, fixed 10/4.

10/4 Starting to send out notices for folks to weed and or pressure wash their units.

10/8 Still after numerous calls Waste Management has not contacted us regarding the compactor.

10/11 Preparing spots for concrete to be poured tomorrow.

10/12  Concrete poured.  Water pipe re-routed on 21-19, had to shut off water for a short period.  Approving Park Model for Block 01 Lot 16.          Approving Stand Alone Carport for Block 03 Lot 23.  Taking care of written complaints.

10/13  Mohawk says they may be here in couple of weeks to work on the storage area road.  Truck has been broken down and parts are hard to get.

10-14  Called SWFMD about weeds in the Canal and Marina, they said it will be a couple of weeks before they start spraying.

10-15  Started the remodel of Tami’s Office.  Many of our Northern residents are returning.

10-18  New hire quit.  Looking for replacement.  Going to use “Indeed” to fill the job.  Finally getting a response from Waste Management on the Compactor.  Contacted WCE equipment dealer on possible purchase of old generator.

10-19  Tech here to evaluate compactor.  Says it can be fixed, in process.  Tile guy here to complete the clubhouse bathroom remodel.  Sold old generator    for $500.  It is removed from the park

10-20 Hired Adam White for the Maintenance Crew.  Starting on Monday.

10-22 Victoria from Waste Management Compactor Solutions has the quote for the repair of the Hydraulic Cylinder and is getting approval.

10-25 New Hire started today.

10-27  Hydraulic cylinder removed from Compactor and taken to their shop to be rebuilt.  Estimated time 2 days to 2 weeks.  Chris and Francisco revamped the Chlorine room with new pumps we ordered from Stenner. Less connections to leak, and the Stenner pumps are not subject to locking up from gassing of the chlorine.

10-28 They sprayed the canal for weeds today.

Managers Report, LW Smith II    September 1st to September 30th

Wednesday September 1st.  Our neighbors finished working on the bank and canal between our properties.

Thursday Sept. 2nd.  Met with Jeanette’s Interiors about new counters and sinks for the Club House bathrooms.

Friday Sept. 3rd.  Ordered new stall dividers for the Women’s bathroom at the Clubhouse.  The Crew fixed a broken water pipe on 7-5 and several others this morning.  Held first Managers Chat on a Facebook live at 1:00 today.  Finished preparing for our short vacation

Back from Vacation.  Tami did a great job holding the Fort while we were gone.  And a big thanks to Paula Wilcox and Sherry Boggs filing in also.

Dividers for the Clubhouse Ladies Bathroom have arrived.  Contractor scheduled to install this week. Ended up taking one more week as not all the parts were correct.  Tile work to be done yet.

The obsolete Chlorine Analyzer for the water plant quit working.  Getting prices for a new one.  Will run about $6,600 to get a current model.

15th Tuesday the Pool had to be shut down for disinfecting because of possible contamination.

23rd The Compactor broke down.  Found out it was the ram piston.  Contacted WM and we are waiting on them.  Repair crew said that they were told it is to old to fix and would have to be replaced.  Unfortunately that could be a very long process.

On Friday the 24th the exit gate sheared a pin, Xtreme Gates fixed it on Saturday the October 2nd.

Many residents are returning from their Northern abodes.  Looks like it will be a busy year.

Pad for the new bike rack is formed and will be poured on October 12th.  We will have two spots in the roadways fixed at the same time.