Pickleball Newsletter

Dear Ancient Oaks Home and Property Owners


Hopefully by now everyone has received their package which includes the proxy/vote for both the imposed Pickleball courts and amendments to the Declarations of Condominium.  I don’t know about you but we certainly found it very confusing.

The proxy and/or your vote are one and the same (ballot) for you to fill out {vote and sign or forward to a proxy}.

Even though it says one vote per envelope,

 You DO put both ballots in the assigned ballot envelope

Our vote for Pickleball is to change a common area to provide for our 2 Pickleball courts for your enjoyment.  Once we have the necessary votes, we can then proceed with the process of locating an acceptable and suitable home for the courts

This will be a large enhancement for our park and will increase property values and interest for new owners to come in and join our Ancient Oaks Community.

We will be doing fundraising and donations gratefully accepted to complete this project, there will be no extra assessment costs to Ancient Oaks property owners.

Please, please support us in a positive “YES VOTE”as an absentee vote is a NO vote per bylaws.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me or any of the pickle ball players.



Irene Bilger     6401 SE 51st St    Block 25 Lot 1   305-290-5255



Judy Hawken  5122 SE 67th Ave Block 18 Lot 29  863-332-8587